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Lovell's Hockey School staff prides itself on their knowledge, understanding and experience of the game. All of our instructors are at least 18 years of age and have played in college or at the professional level. This means our instructors have endured the highest level of professional hockey training, which they are able to pass on to your son or daughter.

We believe we are the best in the business because of our staff's attention to detail. They are always pulling players aside and trying to correct them and teach them proper mechanics for each skill. Anyone can run kids through drills, but if they are not getting corrected on something they are doing wrong, then they will not be able to get better at that certain skill. Our staff does an outstanding job recognizing this, and are dedicated to making players at our schools better. All employees at Lovell's have to be CORI/SORI once a year in order to step on the ice.