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Alumni/Where Are They Now?

College Commitments

First Last College Division
Matt Motesano Providence College Division 1
Bryan Lemos Providence College Division 1
Luke Perunovich Providence College Division 1
Reilly Duran Providence College Division 1
Dylan Pieri Union College Division 1
Joe Young Union College Division 1
J.C. Brassard Union College Division 1
Julian Fialgo Colgate Division 1
Chris Wagner Colgate Division 1 (NHL)
Christian O'Neil Princeton Division 1
Justin Jallen Brown Division 1
Ryan Doolin Harvard Division 1
Ryan Donato Harvard Division 1 (NHL)
Sihak Lee Harvard Division 1
Buddy Mworka Harvard Division 1
Tommy O'Reagan Harvard Division 1
Brooke Manning Harvard Division 1
Ryan Healey Harvard Division 1
Bobby Landry Harvard Division 1
Alex Biega Harvard Division 1 (NHL)
Monty Graham Miami Of Ohio Division 1
Noah Hanafin Boston College Division 1 (NHL)
Colin White Boston College Division 1 (NHL)
Adam Gilmore Boston College Division 1 (NHL)
Katie Pyne Boston College Division 1
Brad Barone Boston College Division 1
Kevin Hayes Boston College Division 1 (NHL)
Chris Calnan Boston College Division 1
Stephen Davis Boston College Division 1
Kate Hamm Boston College Division 1
Ryan Cloonan Boston University Division 1
Nico Lynch Boston University Division 1
Chris Bourque Boston University Division 1 (NHL)
Danny O'Reagan Boston University Division 1 (NHL)
Matt Marshall Vermont Division 1 (NHL)
Luke Stevens Yale Division 1 (NHL)
Billy Sweezy Yale Division 1
Ryan Stevens Yale Division 1
Ko Sato University of New Hampshire Division 1
Anthony Wyse University of New Hampshire Division 1
Robert Cronin University of New Hampshire Division 1
Nick Ring University of New Hampshire Division 1
Jack Ring University of New Hampshire Division 1
Colin Bilek West Point Division 1
Reilly Moran West Point Division 1
Brian Chambers UMASS Lowell Division 1
Nick Marin UMASS Lowell Division 1
Cam Brown Maine Division 1 (AHL)
Steven Cocheane Maine Division 1
Pat Shea (NHL) Maine Division 1 (NHL)
Bubba McGovern Maine Division 1
Billy Ryan Maine Division 1
Brady Gaudette Maine Division 1
Adam Gaudette Northeastern Division 1 (NHL)
Ryan Shea Northeastern Division 1 (NHL)
Robert Dongara Northeastern Division 1
Liam Pecararo Northeastern Division 1
Matt Demelis Northeastern Division 1
Kyle Kraemer Northeastern Division 1
Chad Costello Northeastern Division 1
Louis Liotti Northeastern Division 1
Jimmy Driscoll Northeastern Division 1
Jimmy Russo Northeastern Division 1
Dennis McCauley Northeastern Division 1
Steve Birnstill Northeastern Division 1
Steve McClellan Northeastern Division 1
Ryan Ginand Northeastern Division 1
Jon Picking Northeastern Division 1
Craig Pantano Merrimack Division 1
Matt MacDonald Merrimack Division 1
Pat Holway (NHL) Merrimack Division 1 (NHL)
Peter DeAngelo UMASS Amherst Division 1
Alex Berry UMASS Amherst Division 1
Jordan Virtue UMASS Amherst Division 1
Pat O'Leary Holy Cross Division 1
Mike Higgins Holy Cross Division 1
Jon Hammel Holy Cross Division 1
Beau Starrett Cornell Division 1 (NHL)
Quin Foreman Dartmouth Division 1
Pat Flynn Dartmouth Division 1
Ben Dimaio Dartmouth Division 1
Conner Dempsey Dartmouth Division 1
Kyle Nickerson Dartmouth Division 1
Nick Bligh Dartmouth Division 1 (NHL)
Peter McIntyer UMASS Boston Division 3 (AHL)
Mike Miller UMASS Boston Division 3
Rob Liberatore UMASS Boston Division 3
Mike O'Brien Trinity Division 3
Larry Bero Trinity Division 3
Jackson Brewer Trinity Division 3
Michael Dicenso Trinity Division 3
Ryan Pfeffer Trinity Division 3
Tim Weinstein Trinity Division 3
Alex Cohen Trinity Division 3
Liam Feeney Trinity Division 3
Buddy Lampron St. Michaels Division 3
Sam Danturno St. Michaels Division 3
Erik McGuirk St. Michaels Division 3
Matt Egan St. Michaels Division 3
Thomas Conlin Connecticut College Division 3
Colin McCabe Connecticut College Division 3
Steve McManus Wentworth Division 3
Mike Cox Wentworth Division 3
Dan Szerlip Wentworth Division 3
Dylon Barbieri Wentworth Division 3
Jake Hallisey Wentworth Division 3
Jake McKennelly Wentworth Division 3
Steve DeForge Babson Division 3
Thomas Munichello Babson Division 3
Mike Driscoll Babson Division 3
Thomas Callahan Babson Division 3
Matt O'Neil Babson Division 3
Shyane Anderson Babson Division 3
Troy Starrett Babson Division 3
Bob Hall Babson Division 3
Charlie Ackerman Babson Division 3
Sean Roche Babson Division 3
Mike Egan Babson Division 3
Zack Phelps Babson Division 3
Matt Wiesner Babson Division 3
Jon Masters Salem State Division 3
Matt Hammel Salem State Division 3
Austin Braley Salem State Division 3
Landon Hassenfuss Salem State Division 3
Bret Parker Salem State Division 3
Mark MacDonald Salem State Division 3
Dan Shea Salem State Division 3
Justin Quinn Fitchburg State Division 3
Nick Indelicato Fitchburg State Division 3
Colm Sheehan Fitchburg State Division 3
James Gordon Fitchburg State Division 3
Kevin Perry Fitchburg State Division 3
Nick Jassett Middlebury Division 3
Frankie Cosilito Middlebury Division 3
Gam Chelo Skidmore Division 3
Will Golden Skidmore Division 3
Eric Megnia Skidmore Division 3
Matt Rutigliano Skidmore Division 3
Bryan Luther St. Anslem Division 3
Anthony Kacz St. Anslem Division 3
Tommy O'Brien St. Anslem Division 3
Antonio Marini St. Anslem Division 3
Nick Flanagan Tufts Division 3
Trevor Davis Tufts Division 3
Robert Treiber Tufts Division 3
Neil Conway Hamilton Division 3
Steve Cochoran Hamilton Division 3
Mac Luciani Southern New Hampshire Division 3
Tylor Bradford New England College Division 3
Matt Hughes UMASS Dartmouth Division 3
Scott Mathieu Suffolk Division 3
Tyler Murray Suffolk Division 3
Brendon Smolorek Suffolk Division 3
Chris Boyd Suffolk Division 3
Steven Colomey Suffolk Division 3
Shane Bailey Suffolk Division 3
Joe Vingi Suffolk Division 3
Joe Feeney Suffolk Division 3
Sean Montgomery Suffolk Division 3
Brian Brooks Suffolk Division 3
Mario Ranalli Stonehill Division 3
Brendon Greene Stonehill Division 3
Owen Schiffman Stonehill Division 3
Billy Duggan Franklin Pierce Division 3
Nate Indelicato Franklin Pierce Division 3
Joe Vilari Franklin Pierce Division 3
Seamus Pecararo Franklin Pierce Division 3
Vincent Michenzi Johnson & Wales Division 3
Parker Bowen Salve Regina Division 3
Erik Udahl Salve Regina Division 3
Timothy Lovell Arizona State Division 1
Kate Shaughnessey Williams Division 3
Robbie Holyoke Assumption Division 3